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F.A.Q. - Note that there are multiple pages of FAQs
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Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected.
Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!
That is no problem at all. Our main focus is providing valuable advertising for a fair price. The affiliate program is just a bonus to help grow our business and those of our Advertising Partners. Remember we offer 5000 total advertising credits all for just $5!
Many other advertising packages are available in the Members Area, from Banners (Credit, Rotating and Static), Text Ads, Login Ads, Business Directory Listings, Solo Email Ads and PTC Advertising. Packages range in price from $0.25 to $1000.
F15 is owned and operated by Mike Peever of Ontario, Canada. Mike has been an online marketer since the late 1990s. He has been a program owner/admin for 8 plus years. His first sites are still online. was launched in early 2008 and still provides great advertising on the text ad site platform. His first affiliate marketing program, Steps2Infinity is still online as well. His other sites include;,,,,,,, and to name a few. Any questions can be answered via our Support link.
Submit a support ticket by using our Support Ticket System.
The minimum cost involved is $5.00 to get entered into the ZeroF15teen board. This is a one-time purchase providing you with the associated advertising package. There are also payment processor fees at that time or deposit or purchase depending on the payment processor used. We encourage multiple position purchases but it is not required. We also have larger advertising packages within other affiliate matrix positions, from $25 all the way up to $1000 packages.
Currently we take Payza, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, and Payeer. If you want to use your credit card, you can do so though Payza, SolidTrustPay and Payeer. (review their websites for full details). For limited features PayPal can also be used (purchasing straight advertising packages). Login to the members area and click Add Funds to see if we have made any additions to the list of processors accepted.
TheF15teen is a one-time payment program, so there is no additional cost to keep up your account.

At F15, we do not want to just earn once, but have long term residual earning, so we do suggest buying multiple positions/ad packages on a regular basis.
To this end, we do put 20% of the matrix earnings into a Re-purchase Wallet. This helps drive growth in the positions and also provides additional earning centers for our members. Any position purchased is yours to keep forever.
You are paid to each specific processor based on what your downlines purchase with.

I realize that this can be inconvenient, but in many cases it would mean extra costs for the program to absorb when we have to do transfers from one e-currency to another. Since our payout % is very high, we cannot absorb those costs.

Instead we allow you to either withdraw to each of those processors or you can convert between processors at a fee which allows us to convert the funds and not have to absorb the costs.

We have multiple wallets mainly to make accounting more easily managed. This allows you and the admin to quickly see where the cash balances are. Either Cash Balance, Earning Balance, Re-purchase Balance or Commission Balance. To amalgamate those accounts you can transfer (at no cost) between those accounts (except from Re-Purchase Balance), to either withdraw or make additional purchases.

These transfers can be completed from the members area, under Finance > Balance Transfer.
You can join for free and unlike most programs you can earn CASH as a Free Member!

You can earn Referral Bonuses on all Personal Referral Purchases.

Higher Level purchases also enable you to earn on your Referrals' referrals and down even further.
You are not allowed to signup with multiple accounts for the purpose of stacking commissions.

That is STRICTLY Forbidden.

You can have multiple accounts if they are under different sponsors, for the purpose of either joining a different team or to provide additional benefits from having different exposure.
We do allow up to 3 accounts from the same household / IP address.

They must be for different people and must be managed by those individuals with separate payment processors.
This policy is also for multiple accounts from the same household. There is no problem with that.

You can only use one account per IP to earn on the PTC links. Multiple clicks from the same IP on different accounts is fraudulent and your accounts will be suspended immediately.
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